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why is it that in competitive cheerleading you use your left leg for the stretches, and stand on your right?

by admin on November 23, 2009

considering that most of the populating is right dominant wouldn’t be the other way around, because I’ve practiced like for a whole year on tricks with my right leg and now i have to re learn them with my other leg because i just joined competitive cheer.

No, standing on the right leg (for most people) feels more stable since the right leg is dominant.
Also, I believe someone once told me that right handed people are usually (not always) naturally are better at left leg splits (left leg in the air).

Therefore, people usually stand on their right leg in a lib unless its a pyramid and they want the flyers/tops to mirror each other or there’s a "tick tock" stunt etc.

Edit: also, think about the main base. If they were right handed and you stood on your left leg, the base would have to use her weaker left hand to lift you!

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