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Why does my heel hurt when I go to do certain leg stretches?

by admin on February 14, 2010

I recently started P90X and when I go to do some of the instructed stretches i feel this pain that builds up in my heel. It kind of feels like a muscle cramp I guess, or maybe like needles pinching the inside of my heels when I do this. What could this be?

I have been away from body building for a
little while, but from what I have heard,
p90x has a diuretic effect. All protein is
diuretic, and other substances used for
the cutting cycle after the bulking cycle
are primarily diuretic.

It sounds like you have depleted the mineral
salts in your system, or at least reduced the
bio-availability of them. Make absolutely certain
you are getting sufficient CMZ(Calcium, Magnesium
and Zinc), Potassium and Vitamin D3, and
LOADS of water. The water will flush through
your system, and will not interfere with the
water level in your system. CMZ and potassium
will also be lost, and will need to be replaced.
The best source of minerals is diet, but builders
often need supplements. It is vital that if
you take CMZ supplements, to get the Calcium
Citrate instead of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium
Carbonate is not well utilized, and tends to
cause kidney stones. Additionally, get enough
natural sunlight so your body produces enough
available Vitamin D3, needed to effectively
process the minerals through your body.

You might have someone evaluate your exercise
routine form, to make sure you are not doing
any damage. Additionally, I recommend light
cardio like walking or swimming, to help your
body orient itself to changes, and it is good
for you anyway.

Naturally, make sure you have begun to warm
up before you stretch to your full extensions.


Get plenty of water and sleep. Limit or eliminate
caffeine, alcohol and smoking, although caffeine
is tough to avoid.

I recommend an all natural approach to body
building, getting all nutrients from dietary
sources, in case the supplement route does not
work out for you.

Some pain is normal for body building.

If any problems develop, or this
pain persists or worsens, seek professional
medical advise from your Dr.

Good Luck

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