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When is it too late to do leg stretching?

by admin on June 17, 2010

I wonder when is it too late to do leg stretching for taekwondo-like training, i.e. doing all those kicks, including high-level kicks. At what age will it be too late for leg stretching? I am almost 29 now and I wonder if my leg can still be trained to do split, for example, and ultimately prepare for high-level kicks training.

It’s not too late, but getting there will require more patience and following the rules more closely. You can do splits, but don’t be misled into thinking you can do high kicks because you can do splits, or that splits are required to do high kicks. Neither are true, but so many people have this expectation – unless your goal is flashy kicks, and not sparring.

Remember, most of your high kicks need to reach no more than a few inches above an opponent your size or less. Anyone larger, you don’t want to be using high kicks. So to kick higher than your opponent your size, you will find that split position isn’t necessary.

Read Tom Kurz’s books, DVD, and web site; he explains everything scientifically and accurately, and posts his sources and experiences. He gives good stretching advice, but unfortunately, he leaves out development of power, at least, to my liking. But start with this, it’s excellent reading.

Good luck!

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