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What is the most effective way to gain a full leg stretch?

by admin on November 23, 2009

I am going to Tae Kwan Do for 2 years already. Every day I do butterflyes, spread a leg and put a torso onto it, do stretch kicks. But it just does not get there, it is still about 5-10 inches between me and ground. I am also vey tall and have long legs, maybe that is the reason. So does anybody seriously know what is the most effective and fastest way to gain a full stretch?

good u r of my kind. i m also a teo kwando player. for complete legs stratch u need to do regular practice.after stratching try to bent down 7 touch ur head to earth on front side ,then to the left knee & right knee20-20 times ok then try to kick straight,outer& inner kicks 50-50 times.

Leg Stretches

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