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What are some leg stretches for splits?

by admin on January 12, 2010

i’m looking for stretches and some exercises to help strengthen and stretch leg muscles. I want some stretches i can do besides butterfly, touching your toes, lunges, and actually sitting in your splits. thanks in advance!

Sadly, the most effective way is oversplits, where you put one leg up on a 8-12 inch mat and do splits from there… Split with hands down for 1 minute, then put your hands up for 10-20 seconds (if you’re not working on middle splits). This forces you to push down further.

There are also much happier ways to train splits; I know you said no lunges, but the lunge where you bend your front leg and straighten your back leg is very helpful; try to get to 180 degrees.

You can also straddle your legs and have a friend pull your hands forward. (This is called "pancake")

Another partner stretch is to stand with your legs about 3 ft apart, then have a friend pull your hands forward. Keep your back straight.

Hope this helps!

Leg Stretches

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