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Suggestions for good leg stretches?

by admin on November 23, 2009

When I was younger I did some nasty damage to my Achilles tendons, so sometimes during the day the back of my calves gets quite stiff. Also, I’d like to stretch my hamstrings a bit more too. Any suggestions/descriptions for some excellent leg stretches would be greatly appreciated. :]

Lay on your back in your bed, legs straight. Bend the legs and knees toward you until you can grab them with your hands, then pull them as close to your chest/stomach area, hold for a minute, let the legs back down slowly to the straight position. Do this several times, you can actually feel the muscles of the spine stretch also. You can do both legs or one leg at a time. Take a 600 Mg Motrin to relax the muscles, and apply some Aspercreme Cream to them. To make your legs feel like new, try this. Lay on the floor and elevate your legs and rest your feet on the cushion of a chair or sofa, not in the middle of the cushion, at the very front of it. Now, work your feet back and forth, side to side, make a circular motion. Do this for at least ten minutes, and when you stand up, you’ll feel like you are walking on a cloud.Good luck to you young lady.

Leg Stretches

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