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stretching for major improvements in leg flexibility?

by admin on April 9, 2010

hi i would really like to know leg stretches so i can kick higher , i have cp so my flexibility is limited . i do go to the gym alot but i dont really know good stretches for my legs. my hamstrings are so unflexible that my knees are bent all the time .

1 Keep your joints and muscles lubricated. Never start with a full stretch without warming up and do not halt into a full stop without cooling down.

Do stretches every day and work at it progressively. You can’t become flexible overnight. Work at the rate you are comfortable with, and then slowly increase the difficulty (length of time, length of reach or both).

When stretching, do not bounce. This puts stress on the joints and muscles, as well as creating micro-tears in the muscle fibers. Stretch slowly and as gracefully as you can. Make sure the movements are in one fluid motion.

Try to make some sort of routine and try making it a bit more difficult every time, so you can get used to it, make it a part of your daily routine.
Remember to include both the positive and negative motions when you stretch. Keep it symmetrical. If you are stretching your left, stretch out your right too. If you are bending forward, bend backwards too.

Make sure you have supervision if you have no idea what you are doing. Most martial arts schools and gymnastics classes have extensive stretches and exercises to warm up.

Get a healthy diet. Eat more green leafy vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Increase your protein and calcium. The most important thing is to balance everything.


* Stretch each arm as far across your chest while holding it as you can without feeling pain for five or ten minutes every day.
* Lift small weights daily so that your muscles can become gradually accustomed to the repetitive motion and movement.

Back – be extremely careful!

* Lie down on the floor.
* Sit up straight, leaving your legs out in front of you. They don’t have to be flat.
* Turn your upper body slowly, and make absolutely sure that you stop turning when it starts to hurt. It is relatively easy to damage your spinal cord if you stretch improperly, so pay attention.
* When you stop turning, hold that position for five to ten seconds. Turn the other direction, and repeat.
* Try and do a backbend/bridge but be careful not to go too far! Once you are in the bridge, push through your shoulders and try to put your legs together and straighten them. Don’t go on your toes!
* You can also stand up with your arms hanging out to the side and then very slowly twist from side to side.
* Another stretch is to lay flat on your tummy and then use your arms to put yourself in a snake or seal stretch!


* Sit down as you did before for the back exercises, only this time, make your legs as flat on the ground as possible, right beside each other.
* Stretch down towards your knees. Do not bend your head to face your knees, face forward.
* This will also stretch your neck muscles; if it hurts your neck to do this exercise, face your knees and stretch.
* You can also sit down with your legs straight out and take your right leg and swing it over your left leg a few times. Do the same with your right leg.

Upper thighs (Buttocks)

* Squeeze both sides together.
* Hold for five minutes. (If this is too long, start with two minutes, and build it up.


* First sit with your legs straight out in front of you like you did in the legs stretch and twist your ankles in any shape or form (for example, the abc’s)
* You can also sit with one leg in front of you and take the other ankle and rest it on your knee then grab your foot and twist your ankle.

Try holding the splits for about 4 minutes per day. If you are flat on the ground,take a sofa pillow and put your leg on it. Remember you must always be patient. The key to being flexible is waiting calmly.

Leg Stretches

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