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Stretches to be able to lift your leg behind?

by admin on November 22, 2009

So I am in figure skating and just wanted to know some good stretches to be able to lift your leg high up behind not in front. Like when you are on one leg and you lift up your leg back by your back. Sorry it is so confusing kinda hard to explain!Also any tips for doing it?

Good question!

Start by kneeling on the ground, sitting up with both knees directly under your hips. Lift one leg forward and place your foot flat on the ground a few feet ahead of your knee (so you’re basically kneeling on one knee). Move your hips forward to stretch the hip flexors of the back leg. When you get "good" at that, you’ll need to intensify it a bit. Start in the same position, but before you move your hips forward, raise your rear leg up (flex your knee) and grab your foot with your hand (right foot, right hand) and pull it towards your butt. You should feel the stretch through your quads.

Also try doing backbends aka back bridges. Hope this helps! :)

Leg Stretches

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