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Right Leg Split Stretches?

by admin on November 27, 2009

Hi I have 2 weeks to get flat in Right Leg splits for my exam.
Im about 4 inches off and was wondering if anyone could give me some stretches i could do.

just get into your splits and bounce not to much though as you will damage your muscles.
kneel on your left knee and move foward with your right make sure your at 90 degrees all the time. then move back so it looks like you sat on your left foot (but your actually not) and stretch your right leg.
sit down and put your left leg into your groin and put you right leg straight and just lean over and keep hold of your toes
stand with your back against the wall, put your hand on the floor, keep your left leg on the floor and shuffle you right left up the wall until you cant go any further then put a little bounce on it
hope that helps
and good luck

Leg Stretches

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