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my feet get numb when i do leg stretches. what could be causing this?

by admin on February 10, 2010

like the stretches where you sit and bend forward to touch your toes and the one where you stand and touch your toes.
ask anything- they go numb when i do that stretch also.

I assume they only get numb when you stretch, and they are not numb at any other time??
If that’s the case there is most likely some sort of nerve impingement going on, and stretching aggravates it.
Nerve impingements involving the feet usually have to do with the lower back (lumbar area).
I would suggest seeing a chiropractor. A good one should be able to help you notice some improvement in just a few sessions, maybe even after the very first one. I fully believe in chiropractic adjustments (they have helped me on numerous occasions), but beware of chiropractors who try to get you to commit to a lot of sessions up front!

Leg Stretches

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