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Martial arts stretching- does anyone do standing leg stretches with a partner? is it safe?

by admin on November 20, 2009

I used to train at a kickboxing/martial club where after 10 minutes or so of doing a basic warm ups we used to do partner leg stretches. Prior to doing high kicks etc. Facing your partner- they’d squat down and grab your leg then stand up with your leg on shoulder stretching your leg(then repeat with the other leg etc). I never felt like this did much good and wonder if it was even unsafe?

We do, but there are two safety points:
1. the person being stretched is leaning against a wall or using it for balance.
2. the person doing the stretching has one foot placed in front
of the foot on the floor, so the foot does not not slide out.

we do front, side and rarely back stretching.

Leg Stretches

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