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lower leg stretches?

by admin on November 24, 2009

i’m a long distance runner but i’ve started track and have been doing alot of sprints. Because of that, my lower leg ; on my shin and on both sides hav been cramping up and getting stiff,
can someone who knows what their talking about tell me some stretches to use after i run?
and it’s not shin splints my muscles just need stretching

Sit in a chair and rotate your ankle 360 degrees for 60 seconds. Then turn your feet in (toes inward) as if your pidgin toed and hold for 15 seconds. You should feel the stretch on your outer calf area.

For the other side bring you legs together and turn your feet outward and flex your foot. Heel down bring your toes up. In ballet this is called first position but instead of pointing your toes bring them up.

You should feel much better after these stretches. How do I know this…I was a dancer for 6 years and took Anatomy in college.

Leg Stretches

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