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How do u stretch the leg muscle practically next to ur groin?

by admin on November 26, 2009

i don’t know what the specific muscle name is near the groin… okay i tried butterflies but i just dont feel it… i most likely pulled a muscle but its weird cuz none of the stretches i have tried relieves the area… after i sit for a while and begin to walk i have to limp on my right leg [the leg i seemed to hav pulled the muscle] but after walking maybe 10-20 steps, i no longer feel the "pulled" sensation and i dont need to limp either…. then once i sit again then get up, the process is repeated. but as for waking up or walking after remaining stationary, the cramp feeling comes up. i had this since cross country practice [1-2 weeks ago] and im 17 male. True story [for a better idea of the muscle area im talking about]: i applied icyhot which was close enough to have contact wit my groin…

do a butterfly stretch, sit on the ground and put the bottoms of your two feet together and lay down forward slowly, do not bounce though slowly strectch the muscle
it is possible it could be more severe then you think, a sore muscle usually presents itself 1 to 2 days after you exert that muscle. if this happen 14 days ago the muscle shouldve have already done its cycle of pulling/streching and healing

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