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How and What stretches can get me this leg extension ?

by admin on May 7, 2010

Here is link of the leg extension i want to get? Please look at this link and help me get this leg extension? What stretches will help me get this. Also can i get it by Aug? Look at this link please?


Yes i take 5 hours of Ballet a week and two hours of jazz a week

This is a ponche (Or technically a pitch as your body is parallel with the ground instead of resisting and arching up). I definitely think you can achieve this by August if you are willing to practice as much as possible. Make sure to stretch. If you want to be at 180 you’re obviously going to need your splits as well as the ability to hold said splits while you go down. You will also need to work on your balance. I would suggest going up against the wall, and doing your splits there to practice getting that feeling… of course keep your hands on the ground. Also just start trying to do the pitch. The more you practice (even if you completely fail at first ) the better you’ll be in the long run. Perhaps use a barre for balance, or even if you’re room use your bed for balance. Hold your core to help you balance as well as experiment with where you’re standing on your foot.

Leg Stretches


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