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Good leg stretches so I don’t get too sore after running a lot?

by admin on November 20, 2009

Which leg stretches would you recommend? How long/how many times would you recommend doing them after running?

First, whatever you do, you should do a "cool down" before you stretch. Just an easy jog –slow, real slow– for about a half-mile or so, just above walking pace. Then, do about three sets of stretches, holding the stretch AND NOT BOUNCING for around 10-12 seconds. Things like touching toes w/out legs crossed, then crossing your one leg over and vice-versa to get the hamstrings, sitting on the ground, spreading legs and touch your nose to your knee (or at least trying…), etc.. But, don’t forget about your upper body too! You can get knots in your arms/shoulders too if you don’t stretch!

Leg Stretches

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