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Can someone give stretches for me to get flexible like back, leg stretches and how to do the splits?

by admin on June 2, 2010

I need stretches please help me. I wanna get flexible and be a gymnast.

the most important part is too stretch every day! it gets easier as time goes on. to stretch your splits, you can slide into them (hold for 30 seconds). stay in your split & lean forward, trying to get your hands past your front ankle(hold for 30 seconds). stay in your split & throw back your neck, lean your whole body toward your back leg, with your chin to the ceiling (hold for 30 seconds). stay in your split & lift your arms above your head (hold for 30 seconds). then switch legs & repeat! also, you can do your splits with your front leg elevated up on a mat or cushion. good luck, hope this helps (:

Leg Stretches

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