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Yoga Instruction Video: Getting Started with Yoga

by admin on June 23, 2005

http://www.yogabodynaturals.com — Flexibility is something that you can learn regardless of your age or physical ability level. I have a free email course that teaches the connection between nutrition and flexibility. Click on the link above to sign up.

Flexibility can be well defined as the range of motion of a joint and is generally obtained by stretching exercises. Flexibility exercise can help reduce muscle soreness, risk of injuries, bend and twist easily without much effort etc. Hence, these exercises are highly recommended before and after the work out. Flexibility of the body is achieved only by practice. Certain factors limit the flexibility like age, shape of joints, type of joints, elasticity of tendons and ligaments, bony structure etc.


Flexibility and stretching go hand in hand. The more efficiently you perform stretching exercises the more flexible you become. And the more flexible you are, the better you can stretch. Stretching exercises are of varying complexities and it is very necessary to perform these stretches in a slow and gradual manner. No stretching exercise ever consists of any jerky movements. Flexibility stretching exercises are no different. But, it should be noted that if done in the wrong way, like any other stretching exercise, flexibility stretches will also have adverse effects and might prove harmful to the body. Hence, it is suggested that you stretch only after understanding the exercise thoroughly and if possible, under the guidance of an experienced yoga trainer.
One of the commonly used flexibility exercise is the static stretch. It is the most simple and involves less movement of the muscles and joints. Static stretch is nowadays recommended after activity when the body is warm and when maximal stretching can occur. Static stretching after workout is said to decrease muscle soreness and increase muscle length.

Duration : 0:2:3

Leg Stretches

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