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What are some very effective stretches to improve flexibility?

by admin on November 20, 2009

I want to improve my flexibility, and I know that I have to stretch a lot to do so. What are some of the most effective stretches that I can do? (I’m a cheerleader, so I really want to try and make my legs and arms more flexible.)

wow it sucks that the only people who posted for you are spammers um… lets see well there’s the stretch where you’re kinda in push up position and your belly is touching the ground and your arms are extended as far as they can be but its stretches out your stomach not your arms/legs

some arms ones are the tricep extension i think its called but you hold one arm up in the air and put the other arm a few inches above the shoulder and you put your arm behind the neck and bring it back up slowly and you do about twenty of these and you’re good to go

a leg one is just the normal sit and reach thing and put oe legs while you’re on the ground and put it under you’re leg so kinda like fold it and then lie back on your elbows and stay there and feel the burn

i don’t know much but its better than spammers X)

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