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What are some stretches to increase flexibility?

by admin on June 15, 2010

Hey, I’m a guy and I was wondering how to do a splits and become way more flexible? I don’t do any other sport besides football and wrestling, so I don’t think I’m very flexible. What are like, a bunch of stretches I can do? I don’t want to do cheerleading, gynmastics or anything.
uh, not so much for the splits man, as I want to just increase my range of motion and lessen my chances of injury. I messed up my shoulders during wrestling, I don’t want to do it again this year.

basically I don;t thin k doing the splits is a good idea, but you could get more flexible by just spreading your legs and trying to bring your chest to you knee, and then your chest to the floor -like between your legs . but if you DO want to do the splits I answered questions about the splits a lot of times, just look up my answers page, and you should find it there x)

as for your arms just basic warm up stretches should be enough. So bring one hand over your chest and with the other hand pull it close to your body until you feel the pull in your arm. if you’re really flexible and you don’t feel the stretch even when your arm is really close to your body, then fold your arm around your neck and push your elbow as far as it goes.

another stretch is to put your hand up, bend it in the elbow and make it touch your back, then push at your elbow.

you should move your shoulders in a circular motion to loosen them -but i think you know that.

if you want your back to be flexible..maybe try doing the bridge?

But i think that before any sport everybody should stretch properly, especially your neck. hey and before stretching like for flexibility you should take a hot shower since you need your muscles to relax.

hope I helped x)

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