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What are some stretches for flexibility?

by admin on June 22, 2010

i am going to try out for an all star cheerleading squad in about 4 months and i need some stretches that will help with flexibilty! or any other cheerleading stretches or exercies will help!

keep working on your straddle- while you might not think your gonna need it, a straddle is like the base for flexibility plus it will help with heel stretch, bow and arrow, scorpio,etc. wich are extremely important especially if you want to be a flyer

lunges and splits- well lunges are more like a warm up for you splits. do a regular lunge, then a reverse lunge and slide into your splits. like the straddle the splits helps with overall flexibility. plus its a great accomplishment and is like bonus points at your tryout

and practice all of your cheer strecthes (heel stretch, scale, scorpio, etc) and some back and shoulder flexibily to help with tumbling but you may want to ask a coach or tumble instructer what is right for you to do in that category

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