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What are some important stretches when wanting to jump higher?

by admin on November 27, 2009

List a bunch of stretches basketball players use in order to help improve flexibility in their range of motion for jumping? I heard for most people who are close to dunking or a few inches away from dunking. Sometimes all they need to do is improve on their flexibility by stretching more harder for more flexibility giving them better range of motion. Anybody know any stretches that the basketball players use to improve their range of motion for jumping?

Stretches will not in itself help you jump higher. However, they will help your muscles from cramping and keep them limber. I am 5’9 and I can touch the rim.

I regularly stretch by touching my toes, and if you are good..you can put your head down to touch your knees when standing. When sitting you should do the same..reach towards your toes one leg at a time. This stretches your hamstrings. Hold each for about 20 seconds. You want loose hamstrings so you can a larger range of motion when you jump.

You can stretch your quadriceps by having your hand hold your ankle while standing on the other foot and moving your leg backwards. Hold for about 20 seconds.

A good exercise to do is jump squats for higher jumping. These will help your explosive power when jumping. Get in a squatted position and then jump up and raise your hands up high. That is one rep. Repeat for 20 reps. Do one to two sets.

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