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What are some good stretches to increase your flexibility?

by admin on November 21, 2009

This is mostly for cheerleading but other help is good too.

What are some good stretches for cheerleading to increase your flexibility.

I wanna be able to do a split.

depends on what you want to work on.

the best thing for back flexibility would be back arches. They will help you in your arch if you tumble (handspring, etc…) & also if you plan on being a flyer (scale, scorpion, arabesque, etc…). When you do your bridge try to put your shoulders in like with your arms in as straight as a line as you can get. Also extend your legs straight which will force your body to go over your shoulders.

For leg stretches the best way if your by yourself would be a little routine. Go into a lunge but do not put your knee down, hold it. From the lunge, lean back to back foot but dont sit on it, hold it. Then from there go back to a lunge, but this time put your knee down, hold it. And last, go into your split. Do both legs. However, if you have a partner, lay on your back, have your partner push your leg towards (it looks like your doing a split upside down), have them hold it there. Switch legs. To get better at your middle split try to have your whole body in as straight of a line as you can get, if you hold that position you will see it works well. If that hurts your knees, try pulling you behind you but still have your body in as straight of a line as you can get (its hard to explain, but its like putting your legs beind you like you would put them if they were in a butterfly).

For arms cross your arms across your chest, and then behind the head for both.

These are what personally made me better as a cheerleader in the flexibility category (now i’m a varsity cheerleader for my school). Remember holding the stretch only makes you better, your leg is not going to break unless you are doing something completely wrong. Good luck, sorry for the length of it all!

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