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Stretching & Flexibility Techniques for Fat loss, Muscle Gain, & Athleticism

by admin on December 3, 2009

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When & How Should I Warm-Up, Stretch, Exercise, and Cool Down? Welcome to my Advanced Stretching Video # II.

I get tons of questions about this topic. There seems to be a lot of confusion about stretching. We all seem to not have enough time in the day for all that we need to do. So it is logical that most of us skip stretching.

But that is a big mistake. I know it seems counter intuitive but more time not working out intensely will get you to your goals faster. You will become more flexible and lower your risk for injury.

You will be able to stay more consistent to your work out schedule thus obtaining better results.

The proper sequence of an intense work out should be:
•Warm up
•Light stretching
•40 50 minutes of intense resistance training
•Intense stretching the last ½ of the intense resistance session
•Cool down

Warm Up-
It is very important to transition into an intense work out with 10 minutes of a low level cardio vascular activity. Some modes of exercise that work well are jumping jacks, jump rope, martial art kicks, squat thrust, or any full body callisthenic type exercise.

However my favorite mode is power walking on the treadmill. Starting speed is nice and slow. I (I am 59) start at 3.5 mph and increase the speed by .1 mph every minute. Over the course of the 10 minute warm up I will go from 3.5 mph to 4.5 mph.

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Your Healthy LifeStyle Coach,

Darin L. Steen

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Leg Stretches

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