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Stretches for flexibility in cheerleading?

by admin on November 25, 2009

so this year i made it onto my high school team for cheer, and i’m a flyer. i have a scorpion, but i struggle to get into it sometimes. i want to increase my leg/back flexibility. any suggestions? i have both left&right splits but not the middle.

To help your back flexibility, you need to get into your right split and lean backwards toward your left leg. You don’t really need a middle split to be a good flyer but it would make you more flexible and make it easier to pull body positions. To get a better middle split, do a straddle on the ground, push your legs back as far as they can go, and reach down towards the middle. Also, just do a middle split everyday and push yourself down further and further. Also, to be a good flyer, you need to make sure you have good front flexibility so keep that up by leaning on your front leg in your left split.
Hope I helped! Good Luck with cheerleading!

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