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stretches for flexibility?

by admin on November 27, 2009

what are the best stretches for improving your overall flexibility

i took ballet so i know…

sit up straight with your back flat and your legs in front of you and try to touch your toes…once you get good try to get your chest to touch your legs and you can’t bent your legs either…

Then try putting your legs one on each side to the side of you like the splits but only as far as you can go…if you want you can bend forward and try to touch your face to the ground.

There is also a good one were you are kneeling then you put your back leg behind you (it’s hard to explain) it’s called the biker’s stretch. That one is really good!

Then there is stand up straight and then beng over and touch your toes with your legs straight, stay there for a few seconds and slowly come up. Once you do that a few times you can then go in a motion like the sun is your hand and it’s travelling around the world and your body is the world. Do it in both directions but stretch as far as you can go.

Hope this helps…

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