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Strength N Stretch #1 – Flexibility And Strength Training

by admin on January 6, 2010


Flexibility exercises and strength training combined. Sometimes it is quite boring to stretch and work out separately, so I thought I’d show you some of my combo-exercises, benefitting both things at the same time. Saves you time and also, it can make your workout routine a lot more interesting. Only bodyweight exercises in this video, so you don’t need dumb bells or anything. Most exercises are more or less advanced, but you can definitely do them, maybe not with full splits.
Ideal for martial artists, XMA trixers, freerunners, traceurs, acrobats, gymnasts, bboys and the like.
To round the video I added some freerunning moves of me in the end.
I hope you enjoy the video. (:

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, feel free to ask me.

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Duration : 0:7:36

Leg Stretches

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