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Specific Dance Flexibility Stretches?

by admin on November 27, 2009

I have dance auditions in august, and i need specific parts of my body stretched so that i can excecute certain techniques

and please, im asking, no book , class, tape suggestions. those things cost money. Also, nothing that may have dance equipment, a dance barre or a partner in it. i cant obtain those things right now, and my friends dont do dance, they dont like it, and they have lives and jobs of their own.

Honestly, i need stretches to/for
1. open my pelvis (for splits, toe touches)
2. an arabesque
3. behind the thighs
4. the inner thighs
5. the thigh
6. do very high leg kicks
7. do extensions
8. do toe touches

also how do you do switch leaps? what i mean is how do you work up to do them

1. straddle: on floor with legs stretched to the sides
2. put your leg on a bed behind you and hold. repeat on other side
3. hamstrings? just sit on the floor with feet in front of you and touch your toes. try to get your torso flat on your legs
4. idk. i need one for that too!
5. where? the sides?
6. look at number 3
7. repeat…
8. look at number 1

* quads: lie on back but place one leg under you like your kneeling. press hips up.

switch leaps- practice swinging your legs from the front to the back quickly. if you have a ballet barre accessible, use it to practice the motion.

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