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Martial Arts Self Defense – 3 Ways Martial Arts Self Defense Training Will Get One in Better Shape

by Pete Kauffer on August 10, 2010

Exercise is the way to get into and stay in shape. Martial arts training is one of the best ways to get the exercise needed. As an added benefit it provides a way for one to learn to defend themselves in a self-defense situation. In this article we will show three ways martial arts self-defense training will get one into better shape.

Humans need exercise, both physically and mentally to enjoy a better life. Strength, flexibility and stamina are vital as we age to continue to enjoy the things we do. Weakness, soreness and stiffness are the enemies of personal enjoyment. Martial arts self-defense training is an excellent way to get into and stay in shape at any age.


Just taking the time to do any type of strength training will begin to get the body into better shape. Martial arts training requires and teaches several types of strength training. Simple push-ups and sit-ups, done correctly, are beginning exercise routines. Very little time is required each day to begin an exercise routine.


Stretching the muscles creates the flexibility needed to avoid injuries. Stretching before and after workouts and martial arts training is paramount. The more flexible one is the easier it is to perform and learn new self-defense techniques. Simple stretching exercises can be performed at any time. Even while driving in the car or sitting at the desk.


Stamina or endurance ensures that one can continue doing what they enjoy. In a self-defense scenario a victim needs an abundant supply of stamina to defeat an attacker. Even a short walk everyday begins to build stamina. Swimming is an excellent way to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Training in the martial arts or self-defense techniques will provide one with even more of these three necessary life enhancing exercises.

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Most traditional martial arts classes do not train you for real life encounters. Learn to avoid getting yourself into a bad situation. But if you find yourself face to face with serious injury or death, you will have mastered the skills to survive by following these simple systems.

Author: Pete Kauffer
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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