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How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts at Home

by Tony James Mills on August 12, 2010

For those who are big fans of the martial arts it is a life long passion that motivates you to constantly be learning, developing techniques and staying in shape. Unfortunately sometimes you just are unable to make it to the the dojo, either because there isn’t one close by or it just doesn’t fit in your budget. But that is no reason not start or not to keep up with your training.

Working out at home and keeping in shape is relatively easy even without weights or a home gym. But keeping up with your techniques, developing new ones and maintaining your quick reflexes can seem challenging, though it does not have to be. In fact with a little dedication you may find in a lot of ways that you can achieve more without all the distractions and wasted time to and from class. And no, it does mean you have to turn into the karate kid, practicing wax on and wax off, although it is a great excuse to get your kids to clean your car and house.

Maintaining flexibility and speed are the first things you need to keep on top of if not going to martial arts classes regularly. Create drills for yourself to keep up your speed and reactions. These are best done by laying or sitting and then springing into action with a series of combos, making sure you can keep your explosive edge. If you have kids these are great to do together, they will enjoy the time together and will probably keep you on your toes with the boundless energy they seem to have. Make sure you work on flexibility daily. Leg stretches and splits can be done anywhere, but without constantly working on it, you will loss any gains you have made rapidly.

Forms should make up a large portion of your routines and training. With a little effort and patience you will be amazed what you can teach yourself. Many online retailers sell a variety of books on martial arts techniques that provide instruction on stances and correct strikes which where actually the main way martial arts where taught and handed down for centuries. Most martial arts schools also sell DVDs teaching the forms and katas which give easy step by step instructions. Lastly YouTube is a great resource if you have a decent Internet connection and is full of instructional videos on just about any form of martial art you could imagine.

Of course if you can afford to splurge, a couple pieces of equipment can make things more exciting. If possible a leg stretching split machine is a great asset and a wave master or heavy bag can help you keep up your punching power. You can now even purchase UFC style grappling dummies online for practicing throws, holds and ground work.

Tony Mills is the Chief Editor of online Content for The MMA Zone. Tony is an expert in the field of martial arts training and conditioning.

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Author: Tony James Mills
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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