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How can i step my flexibility game up? What exercises or stretches can i do to become more flexible?

by admin on November 25, 2009

It’s not really about the stretches, it’s more about how you do them. Once you’re done, you should feel great, like you just got an internal massage.

Stretches should always be slow, never jerky and never painful.

You have stretches for your neck, shoulders or spine that are more to “unlock” you so you’re less likely to suffer injury when you mistakenly turned your head while exercising (how many guys at the gym suffered neck pain because, at the wrong moment, they looked at the hot girl passing by!). I hurt my neck once, looking sideways while doing a back strengthener exercise, just because the phone rang!!!

Then you have the stretches to elongate your muscles and make you more flexible.
Find the stretches you need for all your muscles and then you really have to concentrate and relax your muscle into the stretch and then stretch further. Athletes can do that 3 times but I would not recommend it.
For beginners, just relaxing into a stretch is very hard to master.

Stretch every day, after warming up and between weight training exercises, so you get less soreness.

Leg Stretches

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