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Get into the Front Splits Fast! – How to improve your flexiblity and do the splits today!

by admin on May 13, 2010


Hi Guys!

We all know how important it is to improve our flexiblity both for performance improvement and for injury prevention..but it seems like there is so much voodoo out there (and especially on YouTube!) about stretching, flexiblity and the splits that it just gets confusing ….

Well… After so many requests and questions on showing some cool techniques without buying the DVD i have filmed this to share, this video shows you how to improve your flexiblity today!

Its really only the beginning! You should see the results we have been getting over the last 4 months with our new fans ;)

Remember that this is just one of the many flexibility exercises and release techniques I demonstrate in the DVDs that help you get instant improvements in your flexibility!

Thank you to Immy for coming in to do the video with me! This is only the second time I have performed this technique on her and you can see how effective it is!

So go on…Get Your Stretch On!!! Head across to http://www.frontsplitsfast.com

You know you want to show off to your friends…who can blame you ;)

Duration : 0:8:15

Leg Stretches

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