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Flexibility question? any stretches….?

by admin on January 16, 2010

that i can do so i can get my legs to be more flexible?

I’m trying out for my schools cheer squad next year but there’s one problem. I can not do the splits or any of those jump things where you touch your toes and stuff.
My friend made it this year and she says that it is a necessity for us to know or be able to do those things.

I myself am an excellent dancer and have wonderful balance thanks to 7 years of ballroom dancing. So she said the only thing i need to learn for next year is how to have more flexibility and ab muscles.

I’ve started doing sit-ups and push ups. Also, i started to stretch my legs a bit more too. but i don’t know if that will help.

so any ideas on some stretches or things i could do to be more flexible??

go to a sports coach (doesn’t matter what sport they coach) and ask them for some stretches to improve flexibility. Really, any stretches will improve your flexibility as long as you do them constantly (i.e. every morning and night). And if you get desperate you could start gymnastics which will definitely improve your static and dynamic flexibility, balance, co-ordination, muscular strength and endurance in most of the muscles in your body (esp. abs because of all the flips and stuff – my cuz is a gymnast and wow she has an eight pack lol). Practise doing the splits, and try to go down a little further (or stay at the same level) everytime you do them (that’s how i learnt – i had it down pat in about 4 weeks lol). Good luck with that! =)

Leg Stretches

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