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Flexibility Exercises: Beginner’s Yoga Free Video

by admin on November 25, 2009

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In our modern lifestyle, we have become more sedentary and it has resulted in many people with tight, stiff bodies. We do not get much physical exercise, and with our hectic schedules and high-stress careers, things just get worse. Yoga offers a take-it-anywhere solution that anyone can benefit from.

Stretching exercises helps us to loosen up our muscles and increases the blood circulation in our body. They strengthens our muscles and connective tissues, which ultimately strengthens our bones too. Stretching makes us physically and mentally more relaxed compared to most forms of exercise.

Back-pain free yoga:


Yoga can be anywhere, and at any time, making it the perfect practice for people of all walks of life. Before practicing, you do want to make sure that your body is warmed up, your stomach is empty, and you have a clean, quite place to stretch.

During stretching exercise we should always breathe deeply and never force or push into a posture. The “go-go-go” mentality is counterproductive, and yoga is a powerful practice that compounds upon itself naturally. No need for brute force!

To begin a home practice, it’s smart to start with something manageable, say 20 minutes per day. From there, you can build and grow your practice to 50 or 60 minutes which is optimal for most people.

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Leg Stretches

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