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Flexibility and stretching — why do experts say it is all about the joints — and not about supple muscles?

by admin on December 17, 2009

I want to know how stretching works and get more flexible. Stuff I read on the internet says it’s about flexible joints. I don’t see how joints have anything to do with it. If you took a skeleton I’m sure you could move its limbs any way you want. Surely it’s the muscles that need stretching and determine flexibility?

Flexibility refers to your ability to move your joints through their entire range of motion, from a flexed to an extended position. The flexibility of a particular joint depends on several factors: the length and suppleness of the muscles and ligaments surrounding it, and the shape of the bones and cartilage that form the joint.

Flexibility is genetic to a certain point: you can’t change the shape of the bones and cartilage. However, you can make ligaments and muscles more supple by stretching, thereby increasing your flexibility.

Leg Stretches

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