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BEST Stretching Routine for Flexibility, Weight Loss and a Sexier Body (Stretch for Success)

by admin on June 13, 2010


This video is designed to explain how to stretch safely and effectively for increased range of motion, increased flexibility, a reduction in the risk of injury, improved muscle coordination, and all in no time at all!

Hi my name is Omar Isuf and I’m a Toronto based personal trainer. My goal is to help educate and motivate people into leading a healthy active lifestyle. My philosophy is passionate training, proven results.

For more fitness information, including articles, videos, photos, and helpful training tips, go to my website www.omarisuf.com. Let me know what videos you want by firing me off an e-mail at omar_isuf@hotmail.com. Please note the movements in this video are to be performed only if you feel comfortable with the form. If unsure how to do the exercises, seek a qualified fitness professional with help on how to correctly perform the movements.

Duration : 0:7:0

Leg Stretches

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