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Best stretches for increasing flexibility fast (im a dancer)?

by admin on August 11, 2010

I’m a dancer and need to get better back flexibility! Please describe some stretches that would help me fast…Also my hips are not very open at all (my strattle is terrible), so what are some stretches besides the basic "sit w/ your legs apart and stretch forward" that would help me?

And if you can, what are some good abdominal exercises that won’t hurt my back and won’t require any equipment?

Thank you!

Anything that makes you feel a slight pull on any part of your body is stretching, that said, the basic stretches are the best stretches. Any stretch works equally as well as another. It’s just as time goes on, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to reach further and further. Like at first you could only touch down to your shins, but eventually it’ll be down to your feet. Practicing the dance moves that require flexibility is also a good way to condition your body.

You can’t get it fast, however. I’m naturally flexible everywhere and I’m double-jointed, so I never had flexible issues. But basic stretches did help me push myself a bit further.

Leg Stretches

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