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Ballet stretches to increase flexibility?

by admin on August 26, 2010

I took ballet for five years during high school and my first year of college. During those years, I struggled with flexibility. After five years, I STILL could not do a split. I stopped taking ballet for about four years, and have just picked it up again recently. Does anyone know any good stretches that will help me gain flexibility in my "bands of steel" muscles?

i have done dance for 12 years and i have also found flexibility a though point. a good way to get more flexible though, is to stretch everyday. there are lots of different stretches, but the ones that helped me the most are…
….sitting on the floor and opening your legs as wide as possible. you can change this to what suits you by either; leaning forward and trying to get your head on the floor, then chest if you can get that far. OR sitting facing against a flat wall and pushing yourself further in towards the wall which will open your legs wider.
….next is sitting with your legs together and trying to get your head to touch your legs/knees or trying to touch your toes.

the trick with these is to do each one for a couple of minutes and then keep swapping over, you will notice, as you do one, the other will improve. a good tip is to get to the point where it hurts and hold it there, after it stops hurting or hurts less, you should push yourself further till it hurts again and keep repeating this for a couple of minutes then change.
I really hope this helped :)

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