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Are there any certain stretches I could do to improve flexibility in my legs, without injuring anything!?

by admin on November 27, 2009

I am 15 years old, I am considering taking ballet, as I have heard from several girls in ballet they believe it’s not too late of an age to start, but it takes great dedication! But if it did end up being my thing, I would most deffinently be dedicated enough, but in the mean time, I was wondering if there is any certain stretching techniques any one could teach me in a few steps, also good for tennis!

Thanks so much! I hope that was detailed enough!

1)go down to your fullest everyday for splits:
- try front splits first, then followed by side splits… it is not easy, it is painful, but it works…
2)do sit-and-reach:
- yours legs straight in front of you (together) and you push yourself down, try touching your knees with your nose… it may be painful too.if possible, as your parent, friend or anyone to push you down in order to stretch further…
3)do high kicks
- stand up straight.kick your right left up to the highest (try to keep it straight, so is your left leg which is on the ground) do at least 10 times a day.then switch to your left leg.do the same thing for your left leg.make sure you kick really hard up high to feel the stretch at least.
4)pull your leg backwards
- lie down somewhere (preferably bed for comfort).straighten both legs.then move your right leg (bended) to your chest.slowly straighten it and move it to your head.and try to pull it closer.but becareful not to hurt your muscles.don’t overstretch.switch legs.do the same for left leg.must be able to feel the stretch then hold it there for maybe 1min or so.at your own count.
- sit in a straddle (legs open to the widest possible when sitting down).then push your body down to the ground, all the way if can.you will feel the painful stretch.hold it there.then relax when you want.do it a few times.if possible, ask someone to push you down and hold it there for you.
6)another trying to split method
- sit on your left leg bended.straighten the right leg in front of you.and then you push your left leg backwards all the way you can.this way you can improve on your front splits.
AND if you’re interested to improve flexibility on your back, or waist as well, you can try the following:
7)xiayao (human bridge) also.put your hand behind your back to support yourself and bend down backwards to your fullest without bending your legs… you may feel queasy at your stomach but it is like this de.must practise more often to get totally down for human bridge…
8)lie yourself on the bed for comfort,then place both palms of hands beside your head (one on each side) then push yourself up all the way you can… try to get up from there as well.this is to improve on your waist – or rather the human bridge – xiayao – (:

you better warm up before doing any stretches or else you might end up hurting yourself! Hope this helps(:

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