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Alternate stretches for flexibility?

by admin on March 14, 2010

So Ive been trying to improve my over flexibility. Ive been doing the conventional stretches, toe touches, butterfly, etc, but I still cant seem to do a split. It seems like the conventional stretches dont even hurt anymore but I cant reach any farther. And I feel like the only way to have a good stretch is for it to hurt and be sore the next day, so I know it actually did something. So are there any alternate stretches that could help improve my split?

Splits Training

In General

Start by holding stretches for 20-30 seconds, and gradually increase to 60 seconds.

Do not ‘bounce’ when stretching.

Rather than holding a stretch for 2 minutes, hold it for 1 min, have a 30 second rest, then hold for another min. You often find that you will be more flexible the second time around.

The best way to Increase flexibility is through +
Static stretching – where a stretch is held at it’s maximum for a length of time.
PNF stretching – where the stretch is held and at the same time resistance is offered so that the muscles have to work in order to keep the stretch at it’s maximum. This is more advanced then static stretching and is usually done in partners with one partner stretching and the other offering resistance.
Always undertake these stretches under supervision

All exercises should be performed correctly, i.e.: in splits the hips should not twist.

Exercises to Develop Flexibility

The following exercises are designed to improve a persons Splits flexibility. Careful note should be taken of the correct technique in order to improve the over all appearance and aesthetic value of the splits.

Kneeling Lunge

Hips square
Body Upright
Hands on floor either side of front leg
Back knee forced squarely on the floor

Lunge with back leg against a wall/box

Keep hips square
Push hips to ground
Keep shoulders square and tall
Keep body upright

Pike sit reaching forward

* Keep legs straight
* Keep hips on Floor
* Lean forward with a flat back
* Try to reach over toes

Single leg stretch on back

* Keep hips square
* Keep hips on floor
* Gymnast uses own force to stretch
* Leg not being stretched should be bent

Hip Stretch on a box

* Keep hips square
* Pull bent leg to chest whist maintaining force on the straight leg


* Shoulders square
* Keep hips Square
* Front leg facing the ceiling, back leg facing the floor
* Support hands to be even and behind hip

Leg Stretches

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